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Professional Document Destruction Service in Santa Ana

Paper Shredding at its Finest

If you live in Santa Ana, CA and have paper documents in need of shredding, Shred Connect is your solution. We take paper-filled offices and turn them into less cluttered spaces. File cabinets crammed with outdated and unneeded paper can easily be solved inexpensively and confidentially. Protect yourself, your business, and your clients by choosing to destroy your old paper documents via shredding. We make it easy and affordable to be organized, eco-friendly, and secure.

Enjoy the Ease of Document Destruction

Shred Connect has a variety of locations and means to make your paper shredding experience as convenient as possible. Visit any of several drop-off locations in the Santa Ana, CA, area to deposit your paper. Watch it be shredded before your eyes or request a certified Document of Destruction be mailed to you. If you cannot visit one of these drop-off stations or have large volumes of material which necessitates a different approach, we are a shredding service prepared to accommodate you. We are happy to come to your home or business and will remove your boxes of shredding material to our mobile shredding unit at the curb. No amount of paper will deter us or slow us down. Our removal is always prompt and efficient, so as not to disrupt your office or home for more than a few minutes.

Our Eco-friendly Paper Shred Commitment

As a company which handles tons of paper, we can either have an enormous, detrimental impact on our local landfills and environment or a positive one. We opt for the later by encouraging our clients to shred anything which has personal or business information anywhere in or on it. This accounts for much more than most people initially realize. The credit card applications, the financial records, the letters, the old tax returns, the invoices and receipts, the doctor appointments cards, etc. can all shed light on your behaviors, your family, your financial information which you do not want to be shared for any of dozens of reasons. When we are entrusted with your sensitive documents, we shred them immediately, often right as you watch and then we promptly recycle the tiny pieces so they can be given new life and save hundreds of thousands of trees. There is no need to worry about someone being able to piece the tiny bits of paper together to reveal confidential information. Even if there was a slight possibility that this could happen, the paper shred is not left lying about unguarded but quickly disposed of properly.

Shred Connect is a document destruction company with integrity and we are proud to service the Santa Ana area.


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