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We’re the Paper Shredding Services Near Me With a Conscience.

Ever since 2008, Shred It for Less has been providing outstanding mobile shredding and Santa Ana shredding services to our clients here in Santa Ana and other communities strategically located throughout Orange County. We are incredibly privileged to be able to have built up one of the most loyal customer fan bases in the few short years we’ve been in existence.

We know that loyalty is an intangible that far too many of us take for granted. In this day and age, it’s seemingly become an anachronism in the business world. Far too many people jump from one model to the next, always in search of that all-elusive next-best thing. In the end, all that’s been accomplished is a tremendous waste of time, money, and energy…and even then the goal may not have been reached.

Why put anyone through those unnecessary hoops? For Shredding Services.

Shred It for Less values and respects loyalty. It’s a very simple, mutual dynamic: our customers want and appreciate value for a fair effort and an equally-fair price; and in return, we value and appreciate their continued and consistent loyalty and patronage. We believe it’s far easier—and less costly—to maintain an established relationship than to market a plan to gain new followers.

We stick with the basics.

We stick with what we know.

Loyalty and Respect Drive Us to Be the Number One Document Shredding Service Facility in Santa Ana.

Document shredding is our business, and we like to think we are very good at it. However, we constantly strive to seek newer, more customer-friendly business models that we can implement and emulate here in Santa Ana for the greater benefit of our clients. To that end, we update our facilities to reflect the most cutting-edge technologies that can be understood by even the most casual observer of any of our sites. By doing this we are acknowledging the central role that this technology plays in our business as we harness it to fit our customers’ individual tastes.

We get a tremendous collective thrill out of saving money for everyone. Is there anything better than going into a place of business, making a transaction, and then discovering that you’ve saved a considerable sum on your purchases?

We like to do all that and more.

Remember, having a solid income is nothing to be ashamed of. But when the bottom line is advanced at the expense of someone who’s patronized your business from the very beginning, that’s hard for us to swallow and still be able to look at ourselves in the mirror, collectively speaking.

That’s why we at Shred It for Less value the business of virtue, honesty, thrift, self-discipline, trust, and loyalty. They’re timeless values in an increasingly amoral business world. Shred It for Less chooses not to stray from this aforementioned path because to do so any other way would ruin our business brand and contribute to a possible hemorrhaging of revenue—and clients.

We want to grow, not stagnate.

Shredding Satisfaction is Our Top Goal

Whenever you come to our Santa Ana drop-off site, you are met by people who love what they do and who go out of their way to help you solve your problems and reach your short-term/long-term goals. All of us have a specific task to do at Shred It for Less, and we strive to perfect those techniques at all times, in all situations. When everyone is humming along and doing their part, maximum efficiency is achieved, and morale increases.

This makes for very low job turnover and greater satisfaction with their workday.

And we at Shred It for Less want you to be just as satisfied with the effort and work we put forth.

Empathy and flexibility with the clientele also contribute mightily towards tremendous satisfaction on both the clients’ and Shred It for Less part. By listening to the specific situation at hand and offering the client potential solutions to their shredding problems, that all-important bond of trust is established and strengthened as the customer makes repeated visits to the drop-off site.

Our larger, heavy-duty jobs are a relative snap for Shred It for Less. You simply set up the appointment and we will be there ASAP—usually that very same day depending upon other clients. We always call and maintain communication with you so that you are never left waiting. We also clean up the place where we work so that it looks as if no one had ever been there before.

We want to return customers to feel a tremendous sense of loyalty to us. It boosts our own spirits and puts things in perspective so that our Santa Ana location—as well as our other locales—benefits from this welcoming attitude.

Shred It for Less is your paper shredding solution in Santa Ana – we clean up so you function more effectively.

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